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About BrokersAndSellers.com

Our Story: A Tale of Frustration

The absolute best deals available for purchasing a vehicle have always been on cars that have a rebuilt title. These types of vehicles are considered totaled by insurance companies for a variety of reasons, many of which don’t affect the drivability of the car. These vehicles can be restored back to like-new condition and given a rebuilt title.

While newer cars and trucks with rebuilt titles can be purchased for unheard of prices, the process of finding and checking out a potential vehicle can be nothing short of an experiment in frustration. Searching various classified websites or responding to personal ads online or on Craigslist is time-consuming and very inconvenient. It can also be a bit unnerving to meet with total strangers in random gas stations or parking lots.

It’s often impossible to find photos of the original damage to the vehicle and it can be difficult to take the car to a mechanic for an inspection. The time and effort that can go into the process can leave people feeling helpless and frustrated. 

That’s why we started BrokersandSellers.com. We wanted to have a place where customers could save thousands buying professionally rebuilt vehicles with a paper trail and a history report. Our customers can shop for great deals on solid vehicles in the comfort and safety of a professional car dealership. No more searching through classified ads.  

Every day, we help people find quality vehicles at very affordable prices in one convenient location, all backed by a warranty. It’s a great feeling to help people save so much time, money, and frustration.

Mission Statement: Trust and Value

Our mission is to revolutionize the rebuilt vehicle marketplace by making it a safe environment for customers to purchase quality vehicles at prices that are up to 50% off retail. Our goal is to ensure that every customer enjoys significant savings on a reliable vehicle they will be able to depend on. Trust and value are the cornerstones of who we are and everything that we do.

Our Vision: A New Way

In our quest to become the premiere dealer of rebuilt title vehicles, we are committed to providing our customers with solutions to all of their automotive needs. Our goal is to be your one-stop location where you can buy a professionally rebuilt vehicle, take care of all its servicing needs, export it across the country or across the globe, or sell it via consignment when you’re ready to upgrade. When you experience the convenience and savings we offer our customers, you’ll realize there’s no reason to go anywhere else.


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